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Field Drum Ultralight "Double"

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Field Drums with batter and snare side head correspond to the traditional model. They are played without snare wires or gut snares. 

Models for these field drums were the instruments of the mercenary troops of the 15th And 16 Century.
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hints and tips

You can find more information and tips on this configurable drum. The head colour “black” refers to both bass drum heads and to the batter head only when fitted to other drums. * This color is exclusively available in plain-satin and only for shells. ** This color is available in brilliant only. The Lefima Scratch Protection is only available with wooden shells and refers to the colors marked * or ** but not to a nano coating. All surfaces can momentary withstand temperatures up to 80°C (175°F) without problems.
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effects and patterns

pattern: shell/bowl
pattern: hoops


shell/bowl - flames
shell/bowl - diamonds
shell/bowl - wood-look
shell/bowl - special-look
hoop (left)
hoop (right)
hoop - zig-zag
hoop - stripes
hoop - wood-look

heads and hardware

Due to monitor related colour variations and variable device settings the colours displayed on our configurator may vary with those on your computer screen. The form of the design of the items shown may vary slightly. The declarations on the product pages concerning specifications, dimensions and weights are approximate customary values. Furthermore the weights quoted refer to the specified standard colours. Satin or high-gloss lacquered wood finishes may vary in weight due to the use of different materials. For further questions we are always at your disposal. The Lefma Team